Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy increases communication and socialization through fun and creative play.

What is Speech Therapy?

Speech Therapists are caring individuals who make communication fun! They are educated in the study of communication development and its disorders. Through parent interview, observation, and a variety of assessment tools your child’s problem will be identified along with the best way to treat it. Speech therapy not only helps children to express themselves but also helps them to understand language, as well as use the right muscles to make accurate sounds. We are here to motivate your child to progress toward using meaningful language to express their daily experiences.

Signs That Your Child May Benefit from Speech Therapy

Challenges with verbal and nonverbal communication

Child's speech is unclear and difficult to understand

Difficultly following directions

Challenges with functional play

Developmental milestones in speech progression are not met (i.e. not babbling, not attempting to speak words)

Using non-language-based communication such as screaming and pointing

Not using words for pragmatic functions like answering yes/no questions, labeling, and requesting object

Echolalia (i.e. when your child repeats what you say like a parrot)

Decreased play and social skills such as a lack for social attention, poor eye contact, and difficulty transitioning activities from one to another.

Repetitive and/or atypical behaviors such as lining up toys repeatedly, engaging with objects and not people, and rocking back and forth.

How Can a Speech Therapist Help Your Child?

Language is everywhere! Speech therapists are here to help you teach your child to incorporate language throughout their daily routines. We will help your child to feel better understood and confident using their language within their natural environment and across settings. Learning how to greet, request, provide appropriate eye contact, and follow directions can increase social skills among peers and within a classroom setting. Children love books and through the use of books speech therapy can improve preliteracy and literacy skills, as well as comprehension. If you child is not pronouncing words correctly, we target muscle memory of how each sound is formed, improving confidence and willingness to communicate with others. Each child is unique and learns differently. Speech therapists work with many disabilities including Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and developmental delays to improve the child’s ability to use their individual strengths that allow them to communicate according to their capabilities. Overall, speech therapy can lead to improvement in self-esteem, socialization, and quality of life.

Speech Therapy
Services Include:


Speech and language evaluations and periodic reassessment.

Speech and Language

Speech and language development plus stuttering intervention


Auditory/language processing therapy


Articulation development

Fluency & Stuttering

Development of Fluency & Stuttering


Reading comprehension

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