Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is putting kids in motion!

What is Physical Therapy?

Our Physical Therapists work with infants and children to improve muscle strength, range of motion, movement, and flexibility. Whether your child pulled a muscle in their neck during birth (torticollis), is a late walker, has low or high muscle tone, experienced an injury or illness resulting in immobility, or was born with a congenital disease a physical therapist is a highly trained professional that is here to help maximize their potential.

Signs That Your Child May Benefit from Physical Therapy

Difficulty rolling over, crawling, walking, or running

Difficulty with range of motion which might be noticed as the child is playing and his arms, legs, head, hips, or other parts of their body don't move in a comfortable or coordinated fashion

Difficulty with balance such as when climbing stairs, walking, or running

Refusal to complete routine tasks because your child finds the activity too frustrating, painful, or difficult because of physical limitations

Requiring adaptive equipment such as braces, prosthetics, or a wheelchair to gain functional mobility

How Can a Physical Therapist Help Your child?

Physical therapists work with big muscle skills, otherwise known as gross motor skills, that kids rely on throughout their everyday activities. Within your child’s natural environment whether at home, school, or out in the community, a physical therapist will work with activities that involve using big muscles in the arms, legs, and torso to complete whole-body movements. Gross motor skills can affect how your child effectively moves throughout their day and physical therapist are here to be sure that they can meet development milestones such as walking, running, jumping, climbing, or riding a bike. If your child is struggling with immobility a physical therapist can work on finding the best adaptive equipment that can integrate them comfortably. Physical therapists are skilled in recognizing motor behavior patterns that impede progress and will work with your family on providing strategies for home-based exercises that will maximum success.

Physical Therapy
Services Include:


Parent interview, observation, and elicitation of structured tasks that to determine your child's ability to successfully participate in activities at home, during play, and at school.

Environmental Assessments

Environmental assessments to recommend modifications and remove barriers for easier mobility

Motor Skill Development

Working on gross motor skill development -strength and tone

Determining needs

Determining need for possible splints or orthopedics that could aid in walking


Treating difficulty with body alignment, posture, and balance

Making Adaptations

Making adaptations to increase proper seating or positioning

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